Callum Gibb


The practice of CALLUM GIBB ARCHITECT PA was founded in the year 2000. The firm offers professional Architectural services, including Master Planning and Interior Design to private and corporate clients involving all aspects of design and project coordination.

Since 2000 the firm has received a variety of commissions throughout Miami-Dade County. These projects have ranged from new residences and commercial buildings to renovations and additions to existing structures. These projects have afforded many opportunities to use our experience and knowledge to the benefit of our clients.

All these projects have been coordinated team achievements. The project team of client, Architect, consultants and contractor can be a great instrument of production. Decisions are a result of our full understanding of the project, ensuring that all aspects proceed in a unified manner. To this end the use of professional consultants is essential for any project, regardless of the scale. Together with the client the design team is involved from preliminary design through to completion.

Through education and practical experiences a true commitment to traditional design has developed. By the use of proportion, arrangement principles and details, the goal is to create innovative solutions that:

i) Fulfill the needs of the client.
ii) Utilize the appropriate construction methods.
iii) Contribute to the aesthetic of the built environment.

We believe that this three part approach is the blueprint for successful Architectural projects, in which all parties can take pride.